About Us

ATİKPEN; Erpen Pvc systems of KONYA region
Experienced in production and installation processes exceeding 10 years and technical staff and many other projects.
It aims to raise this number with its employees without sacrificing quality in the future.
Atikpen structure; "Erpen" Authorized manufacturer in succession of successful works has been dealership.
Our customers; We provide quality and economical solutions for the needs of Erpen Door and Window Systems.
Strengthening the position of a sought-after company in the field of pvc systems continues to develop as a "follower", "follow" company in the sector.
Always change, innovation, trust and quality policy in the company and apart from the firm, Konya has been the guardian and practitioner of this vision at every point.
In order to fulfill its commitments in a timely and complete manner, Our company, which has knowledge, team and equipment, always aims to do its best and to increase customer satisfaction continuously.

Focusing on seeing and meeting community needs in the most efficient way using resources, to its customers, shareholders, employees, the environment and all its stakeholders; to be a pioneer, prestigious, value-creating, leading organization that can contribute to the prosperity and development of mankind, connected to institutional and ethical rules, universal measures, eternal life.

In the coming years in the new global world order itself will make you feel more in our sector in Turkey as the institutions and organizations have promised to represent much more powerful.