Goods, Pro5003 Series Pvc Profiles

General Features

It can be used in any project as an economic system, especially designed for use in narrow walls or containers. At the same time, its decorative appearance and compatibility with other profiles appeal to the eye with a much more elegant design than its peers. It provides integrity and adds value to your spaces.

It has 3 chambers and 50 mm seating surface width. Produced with TPE gasket and self-gasket provides sealing with corner welds. It has faultless and aesthetic desing that can cater to every taste with decorative and self-gasket glazing bead. Support aluminum threshold and many auxiliary profile, has functionality that you can use each project. It has special propensity to facilitate water drainage, provides low inventory cost with one type of support sheet and one type of gasket, can work in harmony with fly screen, shutter and shutter systems. Ithas perfect design in world standards which is compatible with all domestic or foreign accessories.

Aesthetic Features

You can personalize with wide range of coating-color options and create your own custom look windows/doors. You can give your to windows a natural look with wood-patterned coating options and modern look with solid colors such as anthracite and gray, or you can have metallic gray and aluminum-look windows and you can add value to your spaces.

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